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Animal cruelty free. Machine washable. UK made. Bespoke bags.

Committed to animal preservation

It all started with an adventure holiday in The South of France. The journey began to design a structured alternative to a leather carry-all. One that was practical and looked great. A bag where no animal is sacrificed in the making. Originally started from a central London studio, now located in Central Brighton. Every bag is fully machine washable. Our bags can withstand exposure to salt water, a stain not easily removed from leather bags. We aim to provide our customers with unique designs that offer quality that cannot be found on the high-street. Never compromising the welfare of animal life.

Vegan is Vogue and Versatile.

vegan bags

UK based

NQ London aims to provide our customers with unique designs that offer quality that cannot be found on the high-street. A made-to-order concept. We pride ourselves on producing exclusive bags and accessories, in limited quantities, that can only be purchased from our studio, online and at select events. Everything is designed and made in house. This allows us to have full control of production to ensure that each customer’s order is beautifully made. Every bag is handcrafted and finished to the highest quality. There are many stages of intricate skill involved in the construction of each bag. It is the attention to detail that sets us apart. Our ability to change up designs, adding our unique spin to current trends.

Our speciality lies in our unique designs that can be custom made for the individual. Our studio is equipped with all the necessary tools. We offer personalisation for both individuals and corporate clients. See our MAKE IT YOURS page.

We have an uncompromised approach to quality and finish. NQ London will never knowingly use any components that would harm animals in any way. That includes the materials, dyes and fittings.

Live beautifully with a conscious.



Neoprene is a synthetic rubber product developed in the 1930’s. It has a wide range of uses. It is tough and durable and will resist stretching. Perfectly suited around water. The Neoprene we use are suited for bag construction. Entirely synthetic and animal cruelty free. We have curated an eclectic selection of finishes that are strong and luxurious in finish. The quilted and waffle designs are exclusive to NQ London. We offer many combinations of interior and exterior fabrics, along with high quality buckles.


All components avoid animal fibres & dyes

NQ London conform to PETA’s list of animal ingredients to avoid in textiles. This list is not all‐inclusive. It does covers the main animal fibres, glues, waxes that can be part of textile products. There are thousands of technical, brand and patented names for ingredient variations or combinations. Many ingredients known by one name can be of animal, vegetable, or synthetic origin. We make all the necessary checks to use only non-animal derived ingredients.