A Poem In All Of Us

(2min read) Satire.Two years ago NQ London relocated to The North of England. In that time a few adjustments had to be made. We found there definitely was a north/south divide in The UK. Some good and some not so for us at least. As a result our designer, whilst looking for inspiration, re-worked the lyrics of rather a famous song. Can you guess the original song?She said, it was more that there was a poem in all of us. So we decided to share the re-worked lyrics with our followers. Some Londoners some Northerners and some global. All tongue in cheek of course!a poem in all of usCultural differences do not just exist from country to country. It is definitely regional no matter what country or hemisphere you may be. The best advice is to never loose you own identity, at the same time respect cultural differences. It's a great way to broaden our knowledge and have more tolerance and respect for one another.Have you lived somewhere where you've had to adjust a little? We would love to hear about your experiences and stories. Comment below or email us at shop@nqlondon.com

satire, travelShabana Carlton