Travel More

(30 sec read and 2 min video)Do you ever think you should travel more? Here's a few reason that may convince you...

Money spent on travel makes you happier because:

  • You make memories.
  • Regular travelling encourages you get get along better with people.
  • Feel less anxiety in social situations.
  • You become smarter and better at solving problems.
  • You can make history like Monet, Che Guevara, Darwin...of course you can!

So what are you waiting for? The biggest part of travel is usually the cost of the journey. Over the years we have seen air travel come down due to fierce competition. Travel doesn't always need to be overseas. Your country of residence is sure to have destinations worth exploring. The United Kingdom has an amazing coastline. Many cultural differences can be found just travelling over the border to Wales or Scotland. London has so much heritage and modern culture to explore.Europe is home to some great places too, and if you plan carefully the airfare need not be a fortune. With apps like AirBnb and CouchSurfing, accommodation is more than affordable. Some of the best adventures we have experienced have been off the beaten tracks. And don't forget your friends. Most people have friends that live in places we'd love to explore. SO travel more...Video credit: BuzzFeedVideo Published on Aug 29, 2013