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(2 mins read)This is our first article relating to the vegan traveller. It focuses on air travel. The next two will cover land and sea. Traveling by air can be really frustrating. With a little bit of planning it can be truly pleasurable. Before you fly you should check to see how vegan-friendly your airline is. If your airline offers vegan meals, they usually require that you order your meal at least 24-hours in advance of the first leg of your flights. Vegan meals are can be called “Strict Vegetarian.” Most airlines use the code VGML for Western style vegan meals, (which sadly are often quite boring and kind of remind us of bland hospital food, but at least they are vegan).IMPORTANT TRAVEL ITEMS

  • You are allowed to take food with you through security in airports.
  • It's only liquids that must be 100ml or less. This does mean no hummus, smoothies and juices, or dips.
  • Airport security usually lets meals slide with some liquids in them, such as salads with dressing. If in doubt pack dressings, dips, and margarines in watertight 100ml containers and pack with your liquids.

TIP: travel as lightly as you can. Why waste precious travel time waiting on line to check in your luggage at your departing airport, and the even longer wait for your luggage at the baggage carousel at your destination airport?PACKINGCheck our sample packing list. Adjust it according to your destination but it's a good check list.vegan travellerTIP: Stick to a one core colourway and bring in another two accent colours. A good example of this is Navy as the base colours and having some white and deep plum pieces in the mix. If you've a good eye add in tan or nude accessories.TECHNOLOGYSome apps that will make travelling easierHappy CowThis app locates the nearest vegan- and vegetarian-friendly establishments based on your location and then fills you in on all the yummy details.vagan travellerVanilla BeanThe free restaurant guide is hooked up to more than 4,200 venues—with information on vegan, vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free fare. Vanilla Bean covers England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as well as some cities in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.vegan travellerIs It Vegan? - Scan a product, and your problem of whether it is vegan is solved!vegan travellerVeganagogo Have wanderlust? The Veganagogo app assists with everything from locating a restaurant that serves vegan food to selecting menu items—and even thanking the chef or server in the local language.vegan travellerVEGAN TRAVEL COMMUNITYWe are looking for active vegan traveller/s to create a vegan travel community to blog about your travel adventures. We'd like to grow a global vegan community and hear about the amazing vegan dining you find while traveling. The local vegans you meet on your journey. The events you attend, and stories of the animals you meet along the way.Approved blogs will be featured on this site, Facebook and on other social media pages.Include amazing photos and videos you take along your way, and any vegan travel tips you’ve learned. Write us a comment below and we’ll send you a private message with instructions on how to claim your complimentary bag.Start blogging now and you'll be eligible to receive a complimentary NQ London pouch.Vegan traveller