Do vegans really have better sex?

(4 min read plus 40 sec video)On 25 January 2016 PETA published a video on YouTube to get across a message that reflected the question do vegans really have better sex? The message is pure comedy with sex appeal thrown in. PETA wanted to capture attention on a more light-hearted basis than their usual serious tone. So we have taken a look at whether vegan meals can help clear clogged-up carnivores and get their blood pumping again.If you haven't enjoyed the video yet click on the image below, but as ever we have to add the disclaimer that you must be over 18 to view and do so at your own risk as content contains sexual vegans really have better sex?There are many wonderful benefits to being vegetarian or vegan, or one of the many vegatarian variations of living a lifestyle that considers the life-cycle of animals. We thought we'd look at the science and the stats and question do vegans really have better sex?PLANT BENEFITS

  • In research conducted by OKCupid where they surveyed 256,370 users about oral sex. Vegetarians were noticeably more into giving oral sex than non-vegetarians.
  • Science is suggesting that the high cholesterol and saturated fat content of steak can negatively affect blood circulation and sexual functioning.
  • There are now many milk alternatives and a common and ever-popular one is almond milk. Many choose this because of a lifestyle choice. Diary milk and cheese purchased from stores contain synthetic hormones and can mess with your natural hormone production. Why? Because the cows aren't usually grass-fed and the milk has to travel to get to you. It won't be in raw form commercially.


  • While the lists of the best foods for "boom-boom" certainly include tons of fruits and veggies, also included is salmon and chicken. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon trigger arousal. Chicken breast is high in B vitamins can help a man's soldier stand at attention longer.
  • Calcium has been found to improve sexual health. Is milk in its most natural form bad for you? No, but it is highly unlikely you can access raw milk. 
  • Meat eaters tend to have higher levels of zinc which is connected to higher testosterone levels and sex drive. It's worth noting that zinc deficiency is common amongst vegetarians (though can be targeted and improved).

These are just a few pros and cons and we have tried to be as balanced as possible in our limited research. What is does highlight is there is no definitive answer. You can find solid, well-backed research in defense of both sides. It isn't really fair of PETA to be telling us that taking up a particular lifestyle choice is automatically going to make us beasts in the sack, or telling us that we'll suck at it if we don't make that choice.We are pro a vegan lifestyle and against any form of animal cruelty. At the same time we wanted to put into context the question "Do vegans really have better sex?" The choice is always yours.